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Hello! My name is Kelly Branco and I am a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, NJ with two BA's. The first is a BA in Theater Arts with a concentration in Musical Theater and a BA in Communications with a concentration in Multimedia Journalism. I’ve been involved in the performing arts, particularly musical theater, and acting. My passion is to perform and share stories on stage while providing an escape and/or showing the truth about our world. Music is a very integral part in my life, without it I don’t think I’d be where I am today. As a true extrovert, I have always been a talker and loved to meet new people and learn about cultures. In high school, I got my start in journalism, podcasting, and broadcast journalism. Our newspaper, The Declaration, was an award winning online newspaper in which I held the positions of Art & Music and Book Nook Senior Editor. The articles that I wrote for that newspaper won some Best of SNO awards. Music has always been my favorite thing, there’s never a day that goes by that I’m not listening to new artists and trying out different genres. After high school, I launched a podcast with my best friend Jada Davis, titled “5WPodcast”. As we are on our third season, I’m excited to create more for it as the years' progress. I am always eager to take up new tasks and engage with others. In my senior year of college, I started to work closely at FDU’s FM station (89.1 WFDU-HD1) and hosted my own show on our college radio station (89.1 WFDU-HD3). Immediately I had a love for radio production and the storytelling that comes with it. The studio is my safe place and using my creative juices to create new shows and themes motivates me and challenges me to become a better artist and content creator. On this website, I have both of my resumes for theater and professional work, some videos of me performing, articles I’ve written, pictures I’ve taken, and information about my podcast.

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Get to know my music taste: 

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