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"The Sound" with Kelly Branco

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Demo Reel

Kelly Branco Demo Reel
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Link to demo reel here.

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Some guests I've had!


Video by @torppsbride

The Sound is a show where I explore different themes and sounds of music every week. From songs to listen to in the rain, to the best of Elton John, to music my dad (and probably yours) would like, I cover it all. I also bring in local artists from the NJ scene in to chat with me and play music on some shows. Every week look at @wfduhd3 to see what sound I will be exploring this week.

Listen live here.

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Trxll Wxll (occasional Co-Host)


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Me spinning Weezer on air during Vinylthon 2023.



And many more! (30 and counting...)

Photos by Tateich Calhoun (@sho.tzzzz on Instagram)

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